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Meeting Facilities

Potwin Community House

Miller St. & Violet St.        620-752-3422
Great for reunions and receptions.


Festivals & Annual Events

August --- Watermelon Festival

Fourth Saturday in August        620-752-3644
Parade, Crafts, Dinner and Night Street Dance.


Monuments & Historical Sites

1917 Community House and Park

Miller St. and Violet St.
Funds donated by individuals. Every man in the town helped build this community house and picnic area. Renovated in 2002.

1904 Old Limestone Building

117 N. Randall
Served as Potwin's First Bank; Now Potwin's Public Library has over 5,200 books, audio and video material.

1915 Vickers First Refinery

Anita St. and Kellogg St.
Closed in 1964 Except for Crude Oil Gathering.

Sink Hole

Call ahead for guide.         620-752-3359
This hole, which appeared in 1937 is 58 feet deep, 250 feet long, and 200 feet wide. Located on the curve of 196 Hwy around Potwin on the east side of the road. near the site of the 1915 Vickers Oil Company's first refinery.


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