Suggested Day Tours


See "Must See" and "Must Do" sections for possible tours. Each section has attractions to consider. Call our Tour Coordinator at 1-800-278-3697 for additional suggestions and/or material.


Day Tour

Destination El Dorado - Art and History

El Dorado is about 30 miles east of Wichita.

This could be cut to 1/2 day by making certain selections. If a two day, see El Dorado section for list of motels.

8:00 am - Pick up a sculpture brochure at the El Dorado Main Street office at the historic Missouri Pacific Railroad depot at 3rd and Main. View sculptures on the grounds.

Drive downtown for a light breakfast and latte at Jacob's Well, 139 N. Main.

9:00 am - Butler County History & Kansas Oil Museum - view the exhibits and walk the street of a 1920s Oil Boom Town. See an oil derrick and other oil equipment up close See an authentic residence completely furnished and lived in during the oil boom.

10:00 am - Drive to the first sculpture on east Central next to the bank. Enter Commerce Bank for key to the atrium. View the beautiful artwork of the Flint Hills with captions written by Rolla Clymer which catch the spirit of the hills.

Walk to either Coutts Museum of Art (around the corner) with a sculpture in front and on either side of the entrance OR continue on down the block of Main Street to Walter's Flowers and Interiors, 124 N. Main. Enjoy this beautiful shop and say "Hit" to owners Harold and Linda Harmon.

Noon - Lunch at J. Brian's Pub on the corner of Main and First. While walking to J. Brian's, view the sculptures on the east side of the street.

After lunch, stroll down the west side of the street viewing the sculptures.

Visit Coutts Museum or Walter's Flowers.

Walk south on the west side to view the other sculptures on South Main Street and West Central Avenue.

Drive to Circle Gallery, 315 S. Main to view artwork. If on a Saturday during the Iron Horse Concert Hall season - wait until 7 pm and attend the 7:30 concert in back of the gallery.


Visit the historic Butler County Courthouse and Freedom Memorial.

Dinner - Pizza Hut at 729 N. Main for pasta, pizza or the salad bar.

If spending the night. During the summer take in a movie at the Star Vu Drive-In on south Haverhill Road.



Day Tour

Augusta Art and History and Shopping

This can be in conjunction to the Yesteryear fair (call 316-775-5655 for dates).

9:00 am - Drive down the brick street to the Historical Museum, 303 State and get a taste of what Augusta was like in the early years. You don't want to miss the C.N. James Log Cabin adjacent to the museum.

Drive around the corner to the Kansas Museum of Military History on the south edge of town on highway 77. You will be astounded by the awesome military artifacts. (Check Augusta listing for times.)

Drive on State Street and park near the historic Theatre and view the glass facade and marquee with its neon lighting.

Lunch: Drive to the Pizza Hut Italian Bistro or if it's Mexican you want, Playa Azul has delicious food.

After lunch make a stop at the Historic Theatre for an inside look at the Art Deco. This is Awesome! Call ahead for a tour 316-775-2900.



Day or 1/2 Day Tour

Beaumont - Keighley - Latham

Lunch or dinner at the Beaumont Hotel (their bread pudding is so yummy). Se the last remaining Frisco Built wooden water tower.

Return on Hwy 400 west to Keighley corner (you'll pass it on the way to Beaumont).

Head South to Latham to get a better view of the wind farm and the country side. Have a cool drink and snack at the Latham Saloon. If Saturday evening, have a hand cut steak right from cattle country at the Latham Saloon. How good is that?



Day Tour or 2 Day Tour

Andover - Benton - Towanda - Potwin - Whitewater

Schedule a day when Scott Hartley of Infinity Art in Benton is glass blowing and/or your final destination is the Prairie Rose Chuckwagon.

Begin in Andover with a visit to the Andover Antique Mall at 656 N. Andover Road for a truly quality shopping experience.

Travel North on Butler/Andover Road to Hwy 254 and east to Benton (about 15 minutes). You'll want to spend an hour for the glass blowing demonstration.

Drive east to Towanda on Hwy 254 about 10 minutes and see this charming downtown. If time, drop in at the Why Not What Not Shop.

Take a short cut across the countryside north to Potwin. Visit the Library in the unique limestone building.

Take Hwy 196 from Potwin cross country to Prairie Rose Chuckwagon for an evening of food and entertainment. Reservations required. See Benton section.



Day Tour

Through Southwest Butler County

From Hwy 54, go south on Andover/Butler County Road to Rose Hill.

Continue over the railroad tracks and stop for a bite to eat at their local cafe - Louis' Cafe.

Continue to travel south to the road sign pointing to Douglass. Enjoy the countryside as you travel east to Douglass.

In Douglass, check out the artifacts at the Pioneer Museum. You may want to call ahead 316-747-2166. You can return to your home or continue on North 77 to Augusta (see Augusta must see must do for stops to make).



Day Tour or 2 Day Tour

Stone Arch Bridges of Butler County

Our tour of Bridges of Butler County starts at the corner of West Central and South Haverhill Road on the west edge of El Dorado, Ks.

Bridge #1 - Proceed south on Haverhill Road to 60th Street, turn east (left) and go approximately one mile. This is one of two double arch bridges left in Butler County. Built in 1912 by C.C. Jamison. Arches are 20' and 30'.

Bridge #2 - Continue east to Walnut River Road (very first road on right, only several feet from first bridge), turn south (right) and drive approximately 1/3 mile. 30' arch, built in 1910 by C.C. Jamison.

Bridge #3 - Continue south on Walnut River Road to 70th Street (next crossroads) and turn west (right). Bridge is approximately 1/2 mile. 25' arch built in 1897 by A. Metheny.

Bridge #4 - Continue west on 70th Street until you reach Ohio Street Road (second blacktop road) approximately 7 miles. Continue west on 70th, approximately 2 miles to Diamond Road. Turn south (left). Continue on Diamond Road approximately 1 1/2 miles to Bridge #4. 37' arch, built in 1900.

Bridge #5 - Continue south on Diamond Road to 90th Street. Turn east (left) about 1/2 mile to bridge #5. 36' arch, built in 1899 by Walter Sharp. (You will turn at old Lily Lake School.)

Bridge #6 - Continue on 90th Street to River Valley Road (next intersection), turn south (right) and continue to Highway 54, approximately 1 mile. Turn west (right) on Highway 54 and continue to the Andover-Rose Hill corner (first stop light). Turn south (left) and continue through Rose Hill to 230th Street. Turn east (left) and continue 1 1/2 miles to Pole Cat Creek Bridge. 34' arch built in 1910 by C. C. Jamison. Only stone arch bridge on Historical Register in Butler County.

Bridge #7 - Continue east on 230th Street to Meadowlark Road, 1/2 mile, turn north (left) to 210th Street (blacktop), turn east (right) and continue into Douglass, Kansas (approximately 4 miles). Turn north (left) on Highway 77 to 200th Street (1 mile) turn east (right). Continue approximately 3 1/2 miles to 7th bridge. This bridge is a double arch reinforced concrete, listed on the National Register.

Bridge #8 - Continue east on 200th Street to Cheyenne Road (approximately 1/2 mile) turn south (right) to go back to 210th Street. Turn east (left) and continue to Haverhill Road, turn north (left) on Haverhill Road and continue north to Highway 400. Turn east (right) on 400 and continue to Gray Road (on top of railroad overpass and only goes north.) Turn north (left) and drive around stockpile of gravel to the south and approach railroad bridge. Old Frisco Railroad art deco reinforced concrete and metal. Built in 1935.

Bridge #9 - (This bridge may be bypassed as road is sometimes impassable.) Return to Highway 400 and turn east (left) and continue to Tallgrass Road (approximately 1 mile), turn south (right) and continue to 130th Street. Turn east (left) one mile to Summit Road, turn south (right) to bridge. 20' arch, built in 1906 by A. Metheny. Return to Highway 400 on the same roads you came down. Turn west (left) on Highway 400 to next bridge.

Bridge #10 - On Highway 400 turn south (left) on Stony Creek Road. Follow the road into the town of Latham. Turn west (right) on 200th Street and follow blacktop to Satchel Creek Road (cemetery on west side of intersection). Turn south (left) to bridge. 30' arch, built in 1901 by Walter Sharp.

Bridge #11 - Return to 200th Street and turn west (left). Follow 200th Street. It will bend and curve around and is about 6 miles to Cole Creek Road. (You will be on 210th Street when you reach Cole Creek Road because of the twisting and turning.) Turn north (right) and continue north to 140th Street (approximately 7 miles). Turn east (right) on 140th Street to Ellis Road. Bridge is right of intersection. 40' arch, built in 1905. (Note arched roadway.)

After viewing this bridge, turn to the north (left) and continue on Ellis Road until you reach Highway 400. Turn west (left) and proceed to Highway 54. Turn north (right) and follow into El Dorado.

NOTE: Wear comfortable clothing and be prepared to walk down slopes to see the arches of the bridges. You may also want to pack a picnic lunch or snacks.

Bridges of Butler County researched, compiled and edited by Carl and Betty Henn with the help of Harry Barr, for the use of the Butler County Historical Society and its patrons. Condensed for Tour Butler, Inc., May, 2008.



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